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About Us

Tobacco Free Wyoming Communities

Tobacco Free Wyoming Community Programs (TFWC), including Albany County Tobacco Prevention, are county based tobacco prevention programs funded through the Substance Abuse Division of the Wyoming Department of Health. The programs have been funded since the 1998-99 fiscal year with a combination of Tobacco Settlement Trust funds and Centers for Disease Control (CDC) funds. TFWC was developed utilizing studies that show the best and most effective practices at the community level and standard health practices.

Program Goals

- Eliminate exposure to secondhand smoke.

- Reduce youth initiation and use.

- Increase quit attempts as well as promote the use of State sponsored cessation services.

- Identify and eliminate disparities experienced by population groups relative to tobacco use and its effects.

Albany County Resource Center (ACRC) is the fiscal agent for Albany County Tobacco Prevention. The President of ACRC is Lynn Erickson and the Executive Director is Vicki Martin.

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