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Wyoming Quit Tobacco Program

The Wyoming Quit Tobacco Program provides low-cost cessation medications, counseling, and education to people who are ready to quit using tobacco. Studies show pairing counseling with cessation medications such as the patch or gum along with education and support, is the most effective way to quit tobacco.

Wyoming Quitline

Wyoming also offers a free counseling service to help you quit. It is private, confidential, and effective. Get the support you need, and quit tobacco in the way that best fits your lifestyle.

Wyoming Quitnet

Good Reasons for Quitting Tobacco

- 5-10 years after quitting, the risk of heart disease and lung cancer is that of a person who does not use tobacco.

- Within days of quitting, sense of taste and smell returns to normal.

- Your chances of getting sick from using tobacco will be less.

- You will have more energy and breathe easier.

- You will have more money to spend on things other than tobacco.

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